Friday, September 25, 2009

08.-15.06.2009 Project meeting in Slovakkia

This was wonderful meeting, we all have lots of good memories and impressions.
Our students wrote about this meeting, you can read their memories in Estonian:HERE
Ülle also made great travel blog, look at the pictures in this blog

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Estonian Students Study about Bread

Our school 7th grade students did a small study of bread. They visited the stores and found 48 different types of bread. Each type of bread has its own style and of course taste. They examined the nutritional quality of bread and prepared the table:
Types of bread
They examined the meaning of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, leavening, yeast:
The nutritional value

They also made short review about important dates in Estonian folklore.
You can read them in Estonian:

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bread website all over the world

Interesting bread recepies:click here

November 2009
Valisime õpilaste joonistatud töödest projektikalendri jaoks sobivad pildid.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Project meeting in Lithuania

Viljakasvatusprogramm Vabaõhumuuseumis

Täna külastasid 1.-6. klassi õpilased Vabaõhumuuseumi.
Programmis oli koolitund vanas Kuie koolimajas ja viljakasvatusprogramm.
”Ega leib ole võsast võetud ega kase otsast kukkunud.” Eesti vanasõna
Krista 5. klass:
Läksime ühte tallu. Seal valiti meie hulgast üks peremees, perenaine, nende lapsed ja töölised. Me läksime ühiselt vilja peksma. Kõik said proovida koodiga vilja peksmist.
Kui töö oli tehtud , siis külastasime ühte näitust ja seejärel käisime ühes majas, kus me saime leiba maitsta.
Me nägime vabaõhumuuseumis sigu. Need sead olid väga suured.
Siis hakkaseimegi kooli sõitma.
Küll oli lahe õppekäik!

EXPRO Tallinna lauluväljakul

Meie kool oma leivaprojektiga “Bread round Europe“ osales rahvusvahelisel elukestva õppe messil Baltic EXPRO 2008 Tallinnas Lauluväljaku ruumes
Messiga tähistatati Euroopa haridusprogrammides osalemise 10. aastapäeva ja Eesti Vabariigi juubeliaastat. Messi raames toimuval näitusel tutvustasid Eesti, Läti ja Leedu asutused Euroopa haridusprogrammidest rahastatud projektide tulemusi, toimusid haridusprogramme tutvustavad infoseminarid, avatud olid interaktiivsed õpitoad.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Visit to Germany

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From June 4 – 9, five teachers and four pupils from our school visited Germany, where the second meeting of the project “Bread ‘ round Europe” took place. The first meeting took place in Tallinn last November.The trip to Germany was interesting both for pupils and teachers as we went there on our school mini bus and drove through Sweden and Denmark.

The meeting itself took place in Sustrum, which is a small village in the north-west of Germany. The pupils and some teachers lived in host families.

There were many interesting outings, one even to neighbouring Holland, but as our project is devoted to bread, the main focus was on it. We visited an old windmill and a workshop, where the children could try their hand in assembling mini windmills, which was actually quite a demanding and painful task.

The last day was the busiest. It started with football matches between four teams (Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia). If the teams could not be manned with their own nationals, German children helped out. Football was followed by cultural and alimentary presentations of the guests.

We all felt sincere hospitality in Germany and left the country with the most pleasant memories.

Talupäev Vabaõhumuuseumis
1.-5. klassi õpilased käisid Vabaõhumuuseumis talupäevadel. Lapsed said ülevaate talutöödest, said ka ise nendes osaleda ja proovida pesupesemist, kartulikoorimist, puude saagimist, ubade külvamist, aedikust kivide koristust. Kui tööd tehtud, võis lustida. Õpiti selgeks huvitav "Hobusemäng". Suur tänu tublidele ja toredatele muuseumitöötajatele, kes lastele ka viisakat käitumist õpetasid.

Oli tore perepäev.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some weeks ago the National Agency has sent the COMENIUS shield to our school. Together with all pupils it was fixed at the school wall.

Here you can get some picture impressions of this event at school. We are very proud about this. In the last months the pupils got used to a new way of thinking - which means feeling German as well as European.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Breadfriends in Tallin

Having been invited by our breadfriends from Tallin to take part in the 1 st project meeting in their town, we set out for the journey in very early hours of 21 November.

It was going to be a 20- hour long journey so we decided to make the best of it and had a good laugh from the very beginning of the day seeing Lucia carrying the heaviest suitcase I ve ever seen while travelling. It looked as if she was having her whole wardrobe in it. But she had never travelled on her own before and she really is a perfectionist when talking about clothes and image so ........... and also she expected to meet some handsome young men and she really wanted to look good.

Anyway, we had a very nice bus drive to our capital Bratislava from where we had a flight to Prague in the afternoon. That left us some time to walk around the Old City of Bratislava .

Our pupils were very excited before the flight. For them and for the headmaster it was the first time to travel by plane so we also tried to teach them how to get around at the airport, how to check in and how to check arrivals and departures, destinations and thinghs like that. But of course the most exciting moment was the take off . And the views from the plane..................

Breadkids had a great fun while using the elevator at the Prague airport while the breadteachers found free seats and could watch a hockey match at the airport café . They had their most expensive coffee ever but saw an excellent match where the slovak team scored 2- 3 goals which cushioned our amazement over the bill in the café.

After the smooth flight from Prague to Tallin where we landed at about midnight we I saw Maiu and her family – it was amazing after 1 and half year- and Tallin was true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We couldn ´t have imagined better care in Tallin- everything was arranged so perfectly and all the activities and events just fit into the 4- day programme so immaculately . The accomodation was excellent – right in the centre of the beautiful Old City of Tallin. And the service and receptionists were also very helpful and caring. The views from the hostel window couldn´t be nicer - the St. Olaph´s tower just in front of you.

Not only the town is beautiful, it is also very clean and vivid all the time , day or night. And it wasn´t the busiest time of the year I guess, too.

The most fascinated we got when we first saw the Breadfriends- face to face – estonians, germans, lithuaninas - at Konstantina Pätsi school - with very friendly and warm atmosphere, nice and kind school staff and cute, lively kids all around.

I really felt like I was at my old friends´ house with that huge fire place that made the dining room the centre of the school life and it reminded me of so homely atmoshere.

But this was just the beginning of something unrepeatable- the first meeting is always so unique- first time to meet new people, new places, games ................ that meeting with all the kids presenting their activities done in the first months of the project- only then we could see how hard they worked on the topic and how interesting the topic of BREAD can be. All the films and games were just so interesting and I think they all will help our breadkids understand the bread topic better.

And all the breadkids participants were, I suppose , completely taken the breath when the first project meeting started- at least our pupils could still not believe they are there and that the „ virtual“ people they had known from mails and talks really exist.

Thanks to our estonian breadfriends we spent so extraordinary days in Tallin- the trip to marshland was unbeatable, the ballet performance and the visit to the oldest estonian pub with the great „ guide“ was absolutely fantastic. We were impressed by how she could play with all off us easily and how estonian care for their.

For the teachers , with no doubts, visiting the lessons and special laboratories at school was an enriching experience- we could spend time with our breadfriends at real lessons, brush our russian language, see how the students work and how relaxed is the relation between the teachers and the pupils – no firm and stiff teachers but real friends to their pupils.

Our kids were astonished by giving marks where the mark 1 means worst and the mark 5 the best .

Although we had heard about electronic form of teacher- parent cooperation before we came to Estonia and sure many teachers do it in our country too, I personally was amazed by how effective and usefull can be the teachers´on- line evaluation - I really can´t imagine when the teachers find time to do it but am strongly convinced we should adapt this system in our school, too.

I think the headmaster is a real „ mighty leader „ of the school and thanks to him the school work is so succesful. We admire all the teachers´ enthusiasm and involvement into the school work in this partner school and the results are visible- the pupils´products, pupils´s performance and above all -the warm and friendly atmosphere and personal relations at his particular school .

I think this meeting was just the right occasion to make real friends and get acquainted with each other, the activities and pupils´ presentations did help us learn about the countries participating in our Breadproject. We learnt how important it is to learn languages and be tolerant and how useful it can be to share best practise and experience.

Our pupils tried to do their best to present their work, countries and of course the Bread topic to their friends from partner schools.

I do appreciate the work of our partners- teachers who work with kids with special needs, in the estonian school we could see it is the valuable work, and the estonian school system is so concerned about teaching these children- the conditions they adopted to be able to teach these children is

on a very high level – the staff fully qualiffied and very well skilled not only in terms of teaching skills but also computing, communicative and social skills and the school very well equipped with modern technologies.

THANK YOU our dear friends( especially MAIU, ARLAN, ULLE, JANI MR. Headmaster, Mrs. Deputy ) VERY MUCH FOR THIS GREAT TIME WE SPENT IN TALLIN

We are all looking forward to see you soon again.

Monday, November 26, 2007

PROJECT MEETING “Bread ´round Europe“ in Tallinn

Õpilased joonistasid kavandeid. Nende hulgast valisime välja oma projekti logo. Slaidiprogramm algab enim hääli saanud logoga.


At the same time we hade EXPRO in Tallinn.
EXPRO 2007 lauluväljakul.
Meil oli seal oma boks, kus demonstreerisime kunstiõpetaja Jaana juhendamisel valminud mängu, pakkusime võileibu, seinal näitasime filme ja pildiprogramme.
Messi külastasid ka meie Comeniuse leivaprojekti partnerid.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The trip to the Open- Air Museum Vychylovka- 28 October

The trip to the Museum of the Traditional Way of Life

Kysuce- Vychylovka 28 October 2007

Not only the weather but also the atmosphere of the beautiful natural landscape provided that the time we spent in this splendid part of the Northern Slovakia was an unforgetable experience for all of us- children and adults.

We came here to learn about the process of making bread in the past but learned much more- about the great respect to people´s life and even greater respect to all natural features which are basis for humans to survive and live a worthy life .

We found out much about very sophisticated old tools and machines used in the past to make the life simplier. Children saw how difficult it was to live in the past and had time to think about their ancestors´ life.

We were lectured about bread- making process in the past and we could also taste newly baked bread made from different grains .

The actors all dressed in period costumes and using period equipment demonstrated the functions of the different kinds of tools and taught us everything from recognizing different kinds of grains to kneading and baking the bread loaves.How lovely they tasted you can guess!!!!!!!!!!!